The Whole Horse Approach

Traditional Veterinary Medicine & Non-Traditional Modalities

Through a combination of continuing education, years of experience, and his own horsemanship, Dr. Mitch takes a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of each horse in his care. He uses the best technology and techniques available to ensure that each horse gets the specialized attention it deserves. Dr. Mitch’s approach to treatment is focused on providing a systematic path to recovery, relying on years of experience and the most up-to-date diagnostic tools in the industry.

Lameness Evaluations

Through Dr. Mitch's years of training and experience he has developed a keen eye for biomechanics and soundness and is consistently called on to assist with those horses with an illusive lameness.

Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Mitch utilizes high-quality ultrasound images to visualize the anatomical structure to be treated. This optimizes precision of therapy and can be used for tendon, ligament, joint and bone injuries.

Pre-Purchase Exams

Dr. Mitch Lowrey conducts a thorough exam to include gait analysis, flexion tests, blood and or urine screens, soundness evaluations, and if requested, further diagnostics. 

You deserve a vet who values performance as much as you do.