Lameness Evaluation

Dr. Mitch uses a specific methodology when conducting a lameness evaluation which includes both static and dynamic exams.  During the static exam, Dr. Mitch conducts chiropractic, acupuncture and neurological evaluations, palpates joint and soft tissue structures, observes any conformational defects that may contribute to a lameness,  and looks for proprioceptive defects, as well as areas of asymmetry, atrophy or ataxia.

The dynamic evaluation may include flexion tests, however, because they can be subjective, Dr. Mitch always observes the horse on the lunge and under saddle as well. Through Dr. Mitch’s years of training and experience he has developed a keen eye for biomechanics and soundness and is consistently called on to assist with those horses with an illusive lameness.  Once the lameness is observed, nerve and/or intra-articular blocks are performed, unless Dr. Mitch suspects a soft tissue injury, if so, he’ll proceed directly to ultrasonography.  Imaging and treatment will follow.

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