Pre-Purchase Examination

Pre-purchase examinations can help determine if a horse you are considering buying is well suited to your needs and if it has any underlying medical issues.

Dr. Mitch Lowrey conducts a thorough medical exam, auscultation of heart, lungs, and abdomen. He evaluates their ophthalmic, oral, neurological health in addition to chiropractic, and acupuncture exams.  Flexion tests, gait analysis and soundness evaluation help determine long-term performance health for your potential new horse.

Detailed imaging is included in each pre-purchase evaluation, tailored to the client’s budget, the prospective horse’s breed, and its intended use. Dr. Mitch utilizes ultrasonography and radiology, to ensure each client makes an informed decision.

Guidance is always available if you have concerns on how best to keep your horse healthy, from nutrition and stabling to parasite management.

If you have already obtained diagnostics, Dr. Mitch will gladly review results as a first or second opinion.

You deserve a vet who values performance as much as you do.